Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank Her

My wife does lots of things around the house, and lots of things for me. I do my best to thank her for everything. There are times that I forget, but I feel that I am pretty good about it. This is important because it shows that you are paying attention and appreciative. I know that the way my wife tries to show her appreciation for me is mostly through actions, and it is this reason that it is so important that I recognize what she is doing.

When she heats a frozen pizza, I thank her for it. She even will sometimes say things like "I didn't do anything" or "All I did was heat something up." It doesn't matter to me though, I thank her for it. I want her to know that she is appreciated no matter what she does. One way to think of it is that if she did not do it, then I would have. By that reasoning, not only did she make food for me, but she saved me the trouble of having to do it myself.

People express their affection in different ways. Some people do it by words, and other people do it by actions but no matter what they do, it should be acknowledged appropriately.

More Tips: Make sure that it is genuine. Really make her feel like you are taking some time away from what you are doing to thank her. You can either get up, give her a hug and thank her while hugging, or giver her a sentimental kiss. Either way, it will be far more special for her if you can take your eyes off of the paper work, the television, or the computer for a minute to acknowledge that you truly appreciate what she is doing.

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