Monday, June 15, 2009

Share in hobbies

One of the largest divisions between a couple is the time they spend doing their hobbies. While the husband is out fishing, the wife is at home scrap booking. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing in moderation, it isn't healthy in the typical amounts we see everyday. If the two of you can share in a hobby together, that will be quality time for the both of you that will help you in growing together. You can try a new hobby like dancing, or one of you can try to enjoy helping the other in the hobby they enjoy. You could sit down and help her scrapbook, or she can come with you fishing. This will help the two of you to grow together.

More Tips: If you decide to join her in her hobby, make a genuine attempt at enjoying it too. If she feels like you are bored out of your mind it will not only ruin that time for her, but it will make her not want you around when she's using that time. Remember, people engage in hobbies as a fun pass time, so make sure you keep it fun!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Let Her Decide

A common problem in dating and marriages is one person tends to call the shots. If this is the case then let her choose the kind of food you both will eat today, or let her choose the movie that you will see. Often times a partner will sacrifice their own wants or needs to demonstrate their love for the other person, but this sacrifice then turns into the routine and is not acknowledged as it should be. This can lead to a lot of pent up frustration. Sometimes she may just want to enjoy watching "Benny and Joon" rather than "Fast and the Furious 26" and this is where there should be an equilibrium.

More Tips: There doesn't have to be a power struggle in the relationship. If you have to, agree to alternating who chooses what each week. But you must adhere to this, even if your all time favorite movie is screening this weekend you need to be willing to skip it to honor your agreement.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hold Hands

Many couples let simple things like holding hands just float off into the recesses of grade school history, but the simple act of holding hands can really make an ordinary moment just a little bit more special. I see many married couples walking around nonchalantly as though they were just friends. This is generally fine and acceptable, but I think that grabbing her hand, especially if you do not do it often, is a great way to just further enjoy the ordinary walk through the mall or park.

More Tips: When sitting together you can hold hands or just bring her closer to you to cuddle. It's just a nice way to physically express your love and appreciation for her.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't Forget Things!

We have seen it a million times in sitcoms, commercials, and movies. The wife is doing something that could be construed as special, like making a nice dinner and immediately the guy needs to run down a quick checklist of important holidays and events. This doesn't need to happen! Get your cell phone out right now and start setting reminders (which you can make occur annually) and program it with these important dates. It's easy, it might take you an hour, but the hour is well worth never missing another important holiday, or event.

Some women think this is cheating, and it should be important enough to remember. While that is a kind thought, the fact is that life is happening constantly, and there is no crime in getting a reminder. And if you're anything like me, your wife will understand that you have the worst memory on Earth, second only to me.