Monday, June 15, 2009

Share in hobbies

One of the largest divisions between a couple is the time they spend doing their hobbies. While the husband is out fishing, the wife is at home scrap booking. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing in moderation, it isn't healthy in the typical amounts we see everyday. If the two of you can share in a hobby together, that will be quality time for the both of you that will help you in growing together. You can try a new hobby like dancing, or one of you can try to enjoy helping the other in the hobby they enjoy. You could sit down and help her scrapbook, or she can come with you fishing. This will help the two of you to grow together.

More Tips: If you decide to join her in her hobby, make a genuine attempt at enjoying it too. If she feels like you are bored out of your mind it will not only ruin that time for her, but it will make her not want you around when she's using that time. Remember, people engage in hobbies as a fun pass time, so make sure you keep it fun!

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