Friday, May 29, 2009

Use Your Hands

The next time you're in the card aisle, you might be better off going to the nearest arts and crafts store. While it may not be manly to you, it would be quite meaningful to your wife that you made her the card that you're giving her. The best thing about this idea is you get to truly customize the card for her. Few cards will ever fit her perfectly off of the shelf, and no matter how much she likes a card picked off of the shelf at a store, she would prefer a card you made. Yes, it will probably be more expensive then buying a card, because arts and crafts stores are pricey, and yes it will be time consuming, but this is part of what makes it so special.

Get some nice heavy card stock, then go into the scrapbooking aisle and find those puffy stickers, and foam cutouts and whatever else you think she might like and adhere them to the card. Yes, this is journeying into territory that you probably don't often visit, but it will be very special to her.

More Tips: If you are unsure of what to do, or how to make a nice looking card, find an employee at the store and they will probably be a huge wealth of knowledge. They can also make the experience a lot more comfortable for you. I've been to many arts and crafts stores and the employess are generally nice, and they enjoy arts and crafts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bring her a flower

Women love the occasional flower. Do not do the whole bouquet, save that for a special occasion. If you give her a bouquet of flowers all the time, then it will start to lose its meaning and affect. But a single flower says that you were thinking about her. This is a really great thing to do when you know she's been having a rough day. If you hear her listing off all of the things she's had to deal with that day, then bring her home a flower so that at least for that moment, she isn't thinking about everything she has to do, but is thinking that someone else is thinking about her as well.

For those kinds of occasions I would suggest a more romantic flower like a rose. You can also dress it up a little more by purchasing some nice material like a thick lace, or some other material that compliments the flower color and tying a nice bow around the flower, or if you're not the bow tying type you can purchase one of those really thin vases designed for a single flower.

More Tips: On a particularly rough day where everything has been miserable I suggest that you also get a card to go along with the flower, or you can hand write a note or poem. If she's the one who usually cooks you can also try and bring home dinner (or cook her dinner, which she would probably appreciate more, unless you're terrible.) to at least spare her that extra chore. This will relieve the pressure of her cooking, and if that is the last chore on her list, you just helped to bring her day to a well deserved end.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talk to her

The problem that many women have in their relationship is a lack of communication. Set aside some you and her talk time. Find out how work has been, ask about things she wants to do. Has she seen anything new that was interesting to her? Make sure that you're aay from any distractions like phones, tvs, and computers. Go on a walk, or go to a park. A nice setting really helps especially if there is a quiet moment where neither of you has anything to say. Talking really helps to open up the relationship because people are always at different points in their lives and it's important to know where your loved one is at. Right now my wife knows that I'm on a fishing and woodworking kick. She know's that because we talk.

More Tips: Parks are a wonderful place to talk, they are free, and you can even setup a nice picinic which will make things more enjoyable.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Doors

Chivalry is dead, but resurrect it!
A very popular quote that I hear from women is "Chivalry is dead." I have to admit that I can see how that idea could be arrived at. With this thought process, women have naturally lowered their expectations to the current status quo. Don't get me wrong, nearly all men have opened doors for their girlfriend or wife, but at some point they stopped. How easy is it to start again? If you no longer open doors for the one you love then start! They'll be surprised at first, but it's just another easy change you can make to make your special loved one feel like just that; a special loved one.

More Tips: Don't forget the car door, it may seem inefficient to run around to her side of the car when you've got keyless locks, but the additional effort will most likely be recognized and appreciated. My wife usually tells me not to do it but I usually do still just because.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breakfast is served

Serve her breakfast:
Surprise your special lady with breakfast. It's always best to cook it yourself, but if you're not the cooking type, or you and your wife both know that you can't cook well at all; it might be better that you leave the cooking to someone else. Take her out to a nice little diner for breakfast or pick up something simple like doughnuts, or even see if a restaurant near you does breakfast take out. It's a nice way to get her day going.

More Tips:
If you're afraid of the stove you can also pick up fruit and cut them up into a fruit salad. Adding her favorite flavor of yogurt as the "dressing" will make it just that much more enjoyable!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprise Call

Give Her a call:
Give her a phone call when you don't ordinarily, like on a lunch break, and let her know that you're thinking about her and love her. This is especially meaningful if you don't have the finest telephone track record.

More Tips: It might seem cheesy to you, but you could write her a poem and read it to her as well. If you're not the poem writing type, there are plenty of poems out there that might be able to express how you feel.


Little Love Notes

Little Notes:
Try leaving your wife a nice little note today. Let her know you love her, that you appreciate her, or that you're thinking of her. This is a sure way to make her feel slightly more special, and loved.

You can leave it on the fridge, in her car, in her lunch, on the bed, or any other place that you know she'll see it.

More Tips: To really add to it, attach the note to a single red rose.