Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talk to her

The problem that many women have in their relationship is a lack of communication. Set aside some you and her talk time. Find out how work has been, ask about things she wants to do. Has she seen anything new that was interesting to her? Make sure that you're aay from any distractions like phones, tvs, and computers. Go on a walk, or go to a park. A nice setting really helps especially if there is a quiet moment where neither of you has anything to say. Talking really helps to open up the relationship because people are always at different points in their lives and it's important to know where your loved one is at. Right now my wife knows that I'm on a fishing and woodworking kick. She know's that because we talk.

More Tips: Parks are a wonderful place to talk, they are free, and you can even setup a nice picinic which will make things more enjoyable.

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