Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Doors

Chivalry is dead, but resurrect it!
A very popular quote that I hear from women is "Chivalry is dead." I have to admit that I can see how that idea could be arrived at. With this thought process, women have naturally lowered their expectations to the current status quo. Don't get me wrong, nearly all men have opened doors for their girlfriend or wife, but at some point they stopped. How easy is it to start again? If you no longer open doors for the one you love then start! They'll be surprised at first, but it's just another easy change you can make to make your special loved one feel like just that; a special loved one.

More Tips: Don't forget the car door, it may seem inefficient to run around to her side of the car when you've got keyless locks, but the additional effort will most likely be recognized and appreciated. My wife usually tells me not to do it but I usually do still just because.

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