Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bring her a flower

Women love the occasional flower. Do not do the whole bouquet, save that for a special occasion. If you give her a bouquet of flowers all the time, then it will start to lose its meaning and affect. But a single flower says that you were thinking about her. This is a really great thing to do when you know she's been having a rough day. If you hear her listing off all of the things she's had to deal with that day, then bring her home a flower so that at least for that moment, she isn't thinking about everything she has to do, but is thinking that someone else is thinking about her as well.

For those kinds of occasions I would suggest a more romantic flower like a rose. You can also dress it up a little more by purchasing some nice material like a thick lace, or some other material that compliments the flower color and tying a nice bow around the flower, or if you're not the bow tying type you can purchase one of those really thin vases designed for a single flower.

More Tips: On a particularly rough day where everything has been miserable I suggest that you also get a card to go along with the flower, or you can hand write a note or poem. If she's the one who usually cooks you can also try and bring home dinner (or cook her dinner, which she would probably appreciate more, unless you're terrible.) to at least spare her that extra chore. This will relieve the pressure of her cooking, and if that is the last chore on her list, you just helped to bring her day to a well deserved end.

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