Monday, July 6, 2009

Take Care of Yourself

Take a look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Are you proud of what you see? Maybe you need to lose weight, maybe you need to put on deodorant, maybe you need to shave, maybe you need a haircut, maybe you need to put on some cologne, or maybe you need to just do your hair. This is not meant to be offensive or vein sounding, but there is always something that someone can do to improve their appearance, or presence.

We are not suggesting that you get self-conscious, but it is quite common in a marriage to stop doing certain things that someone used to do. Often this is referred to as "letting yourself go." It is terribly important that you do not fall victim to this. If you do, no big deal, the great thing about this is it can be fixed. Doing some of these little things shows that you care, and you want to impress the one you love.

You could be in the absolute best shape, but if you wreak of body odor then you will turn her off. It's amazing what some small changes can really accomplish. If you have a great body, and you smell amazing, then all bets are off.

More Tips: If you are a little over weight, don't worry about it. Working weight off is a slow committed process. Start working on the weight, but take into consideration some of the other ideas. Do your hair, put on a nice cologne, and dress in an outfit you know she'll find irresistible. Don't concentrate solely on the weight because that will not be an overnight fix.

Work on the weight honestly by eating right and exercising. For some immediate and impressive changes try changing your outfit, doing your hair, and putting on cologne. Don't believe the "get skinny quick" scams, the only way to lose honest weight is by working out and eating right.

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